Friday, December 26, 2014

CG Product Shot: Part 1

I have been trying my hand out at lighting for a while now. Here I am testing out the setup and the workflow for product lighting. I use Maya as my base app, UV Layout for unwrapping and Arnold for rendering. This is the first output I got.I tried two different looks, clean white and glossy black.

CG Product Shot: The two versions. Rendered with Arnold

Sorry for the horrible banding artifacts in the black one here, it is caused by image compression.

The shot took around 10 hours from start to end and was a ~1 minute render. The image is still very noisy, but I didn't go into cleaning it up, because I was just testing the workflow. Here is the close-up of the white bottle.

3D Product Shot: Rendered in Arnold

The lighting setup for the scene was pretty simple. I have two Arnold Quad Area lights on either side of the object, representing softboxes used in conventional photography. Then there is a spot light in the front to bring out the logo and a spot light under the base surface, to give some separation from the background.

3D Person Shot: Making Of

Shader wise, it is very simple as well. For the bottle the shader is a simple aiStandard tweaked and the ground is a normal black with a ramp plugged into spec value so that I can control the reflections effectively.

Drop me a line if you have any questions.

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