Friday, January 11, 2013

Houdini Fracture Systems 3

Tonight was a very slow night. Got stuck in several places and then had to do a lot of sims on Houdini and they can take a while.

I worked on pre-fracturing using geometry today. This is the result of the pre-fracturing:

Pre-fracturing using geometry

The node-network for the pre-fracturing

For this operation, I used a sphere and fractured it using a grid.

The Sphere with the intersecting grid use to fracture it
Voronoi fracturing applied
Visualising with the explodedview SOP
Visualising with noise
Adding some clustering to the internal pieces

After this I moved on to checking out some bullet simulations. Here is the output:

RBD with bricks
RBD with more random pieces
Adding some levels to the system and adding debris

It's morning now, so I need to go home, but just before going back I am testing out things I researched in the last couple of days, on the dummy geometry that needs to be fractured. This is a very rough test, and the geo still needs to be prepared for the fracture first.

The imported dummy geometry

Pre-fracturing using Voronoi

Will be working on it in the coming days. Let's see how that goes :)

Off for the weekend now.. Bbye labs! Forever!! Till Monday :p

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