Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sony Games Modelling - 1

After weeks of delays I have actually got on to modelling for the Sony games project. I am starting with modelling props and I have done the couch and the centre table. I am very slow with the process but hopefully I will pick up some speed as I go along. I am really enjoying the modelling and I am surprised as I always found modelling a tedious process. Will post the couch images with more detail of the mesh later. Been working for 18 hours straight and can't be bothered to take screen-shots and crop them on gimp.

This is the render of the basic cleaned up geometry of the props. I still have to texture it and add wear and tear and character to it. This scene has some 3500 polys. This is a rough renderMan render with render time of 19 seconds.

A rough render of the couch and the table. Rendered with renderMan,

Wire-frame for the scene

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