Friday, December 7, 2012

Sony games Low-poly Modelling Testing

I have started with modelling for the Sony games project. I am just testing out a couple of things right now. Tonight I modelled a door to the room. This will, definitely, not be a part of my final submission, but I am just testing out low poly modelling. This door here has a total of 393 faces, including the knob, which I feel is a pretty decent number. Any more details on it will need to be put into the texturing stage. This was rendered using a quick renderMan setup. This is an 11 second render.

Low-poly door: model 393 faces, rendered with renderMan (11seconds)


  1. remember you can delete the faces you never see! Should get you down to around 350? :D

  2. Did that already master :) Will show it to you when you are in the labs. You can show me how to minimise further. Couldn't think of anything else really :)