Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another day with Massive

Well.. It's getting better. It's not that Massive is behaving better now, it's just that I am getting used to it misbehaving.

It just has a very peculiar way of working, and has unintuitive work-flow. For example, if a node in your scene is not connected to anything and you delete it, you lose the whole network. So, if you want to delete a node, the way I figured out to delete it is that you first connect it to something and then delete it. It's still early days and I might be doing something completely foolish, but the software is just not natural to work with.

I would say it is a beautiful and elegant software design but it's poorly implemented.

OKAY. So with my rant out of the way. I got on with some tutorials and started making this car agent. At the moment, it can just drive around and you have to steer it manually and it can knock over traffic cones.

Here is the basic skeleton of the car agent. Once ready, this agent will be able to move and steer. There are also hubcaps on the wheels so the rotation of the wheels is visible.

Skeleton of the Car Agent to drive its behaviours
 I then went on and put up some blocks to define the car of the agent. In the end I think I will attach some better render geometry to it. These blocks are just for collision shapes for ODE-RBD.

Collision shapes attached to the skeleton for ODE-RBD
(Open Dynamics Engine Rigid Body Dynamics)
This is not really relevant to this post, but just found this screenshot on my machine. This is the Motion Tree of a human agent I am building at the moment. Will talk about in detail later.

Motion tree for an upcoming human agent
Keep watching this space as I would be updating my work on crowd simulation regularly(-ish). 

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