Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Games Style Modelling - 2

So, moving on from yesterday, I came in tonight and modelled a game level. I mainly concentrated on keeping the model low-poly while still adding some interesting detail into the level. I did a rough render of the level adding some basic moody lighting. This is the result:

Game level with a rough lighting pass

Of course I haven't added any textures to it, so it doesn't look like much at the moment.

The layout of the level is shown here. It has around 69000 polys. which, I think, can be handled by a game engine reasonably well.

The level - bird's eye view

The majority of the level was built by reusing a section. However, the crossing gave me a good chance to break the symmetry and push the design.

Some unique detail added to the crossing

The level is based on a lot of tiling. This is the basic geometry I built for the system and then just adjusted it to various situations.

The basic section

This shows how the basic section was used repeatedly to create the whole level.

The straight sections

The curved sections at the extremes also helped at some interest to the level. More variation can be added by using textures and various other maps.

The curved section

Pipes passing over the crossing gave me some opportunities to add interest.

Some detail on the roof
So that was about it. I might take this on and texture it, but honestly I don't see myself making that effort, especially because this is done using a tutorial and is not my design. I guess I learned as much  wanted form it and I would leave it here now. Tomorrow I go on to model some destruction.

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