Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Building upon the Car agent

In the past few days I have taken the car agent and extended it's functionality a bit more now.

The extended functionality includes:

1. It has headlights and looks cool :p

2. The front and the back wheels turn according to the speed of the car. This is achieved by dividing the speed of the car by the circumference of the wheel given by the expression: 
(tz / (3.1415927 * wheel_radius)) * 360

3. The front wheels can now be steered.

4. The motion of the car is driven by the steering of the front wheel. This then decides how much is the car turning based on the steering. In theory now, the whole decision system needs to just interface with this steering module and it can decide where the car is going based on the environment.

Getting till here has been such a great struggle as Massive still keeps crashing. Also, none of the short-cut keys work. So, if I want to alt-connect something to drive the rate for example, I am not able to do that.

Will try to put up the videos of the system that I have created. I managed to do a capture, but it just doesn't work nicely. So still trying to figure that bit out. Here are some samples from what I did till now.

The brain of the Car agent at the current state of development
The wheel spin module
The steering module

The steering-turning module
Will try to get up a video ASAP.
If you are interested in discussing about Crowd Simulation, or Massive, just drop me a line :)

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