Monday, November 26, 2012

Games Style Modelling - 1

So, I am now researching for this Sony Games project that I have. I started off my going through a few forums and a few tutorials to get a basic understanding of the general conventions of modelling for the games industry. I would also be looking into environment design literature. However, there is not much available directly for games, but I guess stuff from film is equally relevant.

I have started doing a basic tutorial from Digital Tutors where they are talking about games modelling and texturing. This is work from the first day on it. The model here is around 20000 polygons and I still need to add a few things like props, wires, bevels and some other bits and bobs.

Here are some snapshots:

The Cryo-chambers

Detail on the lab-door and the recovery room in the background

The intake wires and the ceiling

Interior of the capsule

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